by Alex Van Patten

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Dice Bags

How dare you carry your dice in a delicate cloth pouch..or even a plastic zippie bag! These dice bags are destined not only to transport your dice in style, but protect them from any Rogue back-stabbings!

Bags are catagorized based on the number of dice they carry. Dice capacity is based on an average assortment of normal sized gaming dice. This mean that a 30 count bag will not hold 30 d20s. If you are interested in a bag with that kind of carry capacity, please let me know.

Please contact me if you'd like a custom size not listed. Below is a chart showing you available materials and their prices. Once an order is placed, work will begin on your bag(s) as soon as payment is recieved and will usually ship within 3-4 business days. If I do not have the desired materials in stock, it may take 2 weeks for your order to ship as materials come from out of the country. I will email you once an order is received as both a confirmation and to let you know the projected ship date of your order. Feel free to ask me for status updates or to enquire about material availability at any time. I check email numerous times a day.

Dice Brass Bronze Galvy Inconel Stainless Sterling Titanium Bright Aluminum
  15  $12   $12  $12   $28   $12  $176    $28        $12
  30  $20   $20  $20   $40   $20  $208    $40        $20
  45  $28   $28  $28   $52   $28  $240    $52        $28
  60  $36   $36  $36   $60   $36  $284    $60        $36
  75  $44   $44  $44   $72   $44  $296    $72        $44
  100  $52   $52  $52   $104   $52  $360    $104        $52

Shipping anywhere in the US is $3. If you are ordering multiple bags at once, please email me so I can combine shipping charges. To place an order using Paypal, please click on the desired material in the chart above. If you would like to order using a different method of payment, such as credit cards not used through PayPal, please contact me.